First Post

14 Feb

So I thought it was time to give blogging a go, I’ve installed WordPress, had a look at some wordpress “themes”, and had a think about what I should write, written this post and saved it as a draft for a month whilst being distracted by other things.

I suppose theres two things to write about really.

  1. Notes on stuff that I come accross in my work (and hobby) writing software, with the idea that it will be useful for me to look back on and might be usefull for others occasionally.
  2. Things that make me look good.
  3. Maybe some links to stuff thats funny on the internet and my photos on flickr

So that’s the first post done, think I need more jokes, I’m pretty slow writer, lets see if I keep this up.


One Response to “First Post”

  1. Mike November 28, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    hello comment test

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