Global Education Directory goes ‘live’

15 Feb

The charity website that I’ve been developing is now up and running (has been for a while actually), plenty of things I can think of to improve it, but pretty happy with how its turned out.

Was enjoyable little self contained project to work on and good opportunity to brush up my css and xhtml skilz and also do a bit of javascript and my first use of jquery. I was really impressed with how easy jQuery is to get started with, I’ve experimented with mootools and dojo previously, but jQuery seemed much more intuitive to use. Maybe the likes of dojo are more powerfull if you spend the time to learn the framework … but not sure what exactly it would do that jQuery and associated plugins wouldn’t.

Did do a little bit of listening to Boagworld and reading the odd web design article to get some ideas of what to do and what not to.

Things I learnt included

  • Web deisgners go on about fonts quite a bit. One thing I read/heard whas that sans serif fonts are for the web, serif fonts are for print, so I used arial which is a sans serif font.
  • Text content should be in narrow columns (45-75 characters) and use em’s for specifing text size, and have line height of 1.5em. I learnt this from here
  • Stuff should line up, sounds obvious but easy to forget, or not bother with, not sure I completely achieved this. I learnt that from my brother, who learnt it from a book (I might put a link to it here).
  • How to use divs instead of tables, basically the “clear: both” style on the first div after floating divs was the eureka moment. I still keep forgetting which is which with padding and margin, but once I’ve got that it tends to work as expected
  • Instead of underlining links use border-bottom – means that characters like ‘g’ don’t have a line through them, making them more readable, and also consider display: block for links to have a bigger clickable area.

So that’s post number two done, better start thinking of another one.


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