Little Progress

14 Jun

So another week over and what have we done ?
A new one just begining, I hope it is fun.

Well, I’ve remembered two other things I need to do, so my new list is as follows:

Remaining tasks before I consider myself eligible for the underwater housing treat are:

    Switch to use the live DB currently being used by the PHP app.
    Make links automatically out of URLs in messages
    Clean up html so it looks presentable (this could be a big one)
    Either set up email notifications, or some alternative, e.g. posts to twitter
    Setup a domain name.
    Setup a webserver, which stand infront of tomcat (which is running on port 8080) so can use port 80

So that’s progress of a sort, but basically the wrong sort.

One thing I have done is do the majority of the first task,so it should now be very simple to switch over to use the live database that the PHP app uses. This is important so I can have a period of them running side by side, and then move over to a database hosted on my memset server when I’m confident it’s working.

One thing I can say is that my coding so far is very rough and ready, and not something I’d want to show anyone else. So maybe there’l be a post in a few weeks, bemoaning the fact that I didn’t do it properly in the first place. Or maybe there will be one saying how it was more important to have just done something, and have got it out there. At the moment I feel like the second is more likely to be the case, at least in terms of keeping me motivated, but we’ll see what problems my slap dash approach throughs up in the future, maybe.

Otherwise my ankle seems to have recovered well from a sprain, so various races and club training nights provide an excuse for so little progress.


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