MessageBoard App #3 – Domain Name and nginx

21 Jun

(Not sure if this is actually the 3rd post on the message board – but will say it is for the sake of having a title)
So just a quick reminder for myself of what my todo list was looking like:

  • Switch to use the live DB currently being used by the PHP app.
  • Make links automatically out of URLs in messages
  • Clean up html so it looks presentable (this could be a big one)
  • Either set up email notifications, or some alternative, e.g. posts to twitter
  • Setup a domain name.
  • Setup a webserver, which stand infront of tomcat (which is running on port 8080) so can use port 80
  • First one is pretty much done, although I haven’t tested what the performance is going to be like. I might to just copy the database over to the new server if it’s terrible, but would be nice to be able to run the old PHP app.

    Number 4 (domain name) is done – got from , I didn’t do a lot of research on how domain name’s work, but it was pretty easy to set up. I’ve got a pdf or two I might go back and read if I feel like I really need to know more.

    For number 5 (webserver) I’ve taken my brother’s advice and used nginx, seems it’s smaller and faster than apache and is designed to act in the way I want it – i.e. passing on requests to tomcat. I’ve got it installed and running, and can edit the config to prevent the processing of requests, or just display a welcome to nginx screen. Need to do a little more reading to see how to get it to forward to stuff on to tomcat.

    I haven’t had much time again to spend on it this week, so pleased to be making progress in the right direction, and feels like I’m at a point where anytime I’ve got a spare 30 minutes I can sit down and do something useful on it, which is good.

    Blogging like this is working well to just give me a little bit extra motivation. I’m pretty much sure I could safely use this blog as a place to store my passwords as I’m the only one reading it, which is how I like it at the moment. Although there are loads of spammers commenting, which is a bit annoying (I’m not accepting their comments , so they shouldn’t be visible), maybe I need to upgrade wordpress to get a better captcha.


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