Twitter me not

17 Aug

So in the past I’d used Twitter4J to work with twitter, and it had proved to be very simple, and just work.

For example the give a userid and password for twitter I could just write code as follows to do an update.

Twitter twitter = new Twitter(twitterID,twitterPassword);

Status status = twitter.update( responseString );

Seems things have moved on, and there’s a whole load of configuration required to be able to authenticate programatically with Twitter. I’m not sure why exactly, because if I use a twitter client all I need to give it is username and password, but I’m sure there’s a good reason  … just need to find out how and why, which means what I thought would be a 10 minute bit of work will be as long as a piece of string – that’s computing for you.


Looks like I need to start with


Update 22/09/2011:

Just a quick note to say I got it working after jumping though a couple of hoops, using Twitter4J still, but you’re now forced to use OAuth to interact with Twitter.  Basically you need to authorise your app with the account you want to post to, and then set up access tokens and secrets etc. I’ll write it up as a nice “how to” blog post when I get round to it.



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