Another TODO List

25 Sep

I’ve completed the last todo list for the running club message board, including a few extras that I added on the way, but have also added many more things to my mental (as in held in my mind, but maybe also MENTAL) todo list, so nows I good time to write them down so I can tick them off as I go.


  1. Tidy up code, not aiming for it to be perfect but having the luxury of just hacking away with getting functionality working quickly as the main driver it could do with being tidied up before attempting anymore work on it.
  2. Templating: At the moment theres hardcoding, so will only work for one messageboard, but I want to set up another one for testing, one for demonstration, and also another running club have one that is still on the old PHP code so would be nice to update that, shouldn’t be too hard, be nice to just have a properties file that I can switch.
  3. Use Github: I’ve been using Codesion for some subversion hosting, but the pricing doesn’t really make sense for small projects that aren’t expected to make any money, so having used up my allowance of projects I’ve resorted to backing up a zip file. Github looks good, I’m happy to make the code public, and also feel like I should make the effort to try Git.
  4. Allow login through other services – google/twitter/yahoo etc., I don’t like Facebook so be good to  not be encourageing people to use it even more.
  5. Make the login system create actual users and generally be better, it works as it is but its about as basic as you can get – you’re logged in or not, but everyone effectively logs in as same user, but just gives a different name to their post.
  6. Admin users – need to be able to have administrators that can delete posts etc.
  7. Allow editing of posts/replies you’ve just created,  not sure about going back and editing old messages, but should be able to use the session to allow editing of something that’s just been posted, which is when people normally spot typos.

That will do for starters, got loads of other stuff in I’d like to do, be good to start using it as a basis for trying / evaluating different technologies – and brushing up things I’ve got on my CV. For example using JPA, Spring, Shiro. Then be good to try a Ruby version, a google app engine version and things I’ve only just heard of Node and Mongodb …

A Facebook app that’s worse than Farmville is also on my mental list.


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